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This page is a valuable resource for all of our customers.  We post the contents of our Friday delivery and all of our other available items by 9:00pm on Sunday evenings.  Below are instructions for our customers with the "customize your delivery" option, and for our customers with individual spending accounts.
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CSA Delivery Contents: 04-25-14

1/2 lb Salad Mix - $4.00
1 lb Frozen Strawberries - $6.00
Bundle Kale or Chard - $3.00
1 Bundle Dragon Radishes - $3.00
2 lb Bag Polenta - $7.00
Regular CSA Delivery Value - $23.00

Additional Available Produce
1/2 lb Spinach - $4.00
1 Bundle Chives - $2.50
1 Bundle Red Radishes - $3.00
1 Bundle French Breakfast Radishes - $3.00
Dino Kale - $3.00
Red Russian Kale - $3.00
1 bundle Rainbow Chard - $3.00
1 Head Romaine - $3.00
1 Bundle Cilantro - $2.75
1 lb Leeks - $3.75
Eggs ("Poe"tential Farm)
Extra Large (Dozen) - $5.50
Breads (Sunstone Bakery)
Baguette - $3.00
Sesame Lavain (slicer loaf) - $6.50
Olive Oil (
15 ML Arbequina - $13.50
15 ML Koroneiki - $13.50
15 ML Tuscan - $13.50
Jams (Talent Natural Farm)
8 oz Strawberry/Rhubarb - $6.50
8 oz Black Currant - $6.50
Dry Goods (Dunbar Farms)
2 lbs Blue Hopi Corn Meal - $7.00
2 lbs Polenta - $7.00
1.5 lbs Popcorn - $5.50
2 lbs Pastry Flour - $5.00
1.5 lbs Garbanzo Beans - $7.00
1.5 lbs Arikara Beans - $7.00
1.5 lbs Pinto Beans - $6.00
1.5 lbs Black Beans - $6.00
1.5 lbs Cranberry Beans - $7.00
1.5 lbs Adzuki Beans - $7.00
2 lbs Hard Red Wheat Berries - $4.00
2 lbs Durum Wheat Berries - $4.00
Compotes (Talent Natural Farm)
16 oz Asian Pear Compote - $6.50
Pickled Items (Talent Natural Farm)
16 oz. Pickled Shallots - $6.50
8 oz Pickled Garlic - $8.00
16 oz Pickled Beets - $6.50
Krauts (Pickled Planet)
16 oz "iboost" - $8.75
Vacuum Sealed Frozen Items (Antonio's Farm, Talent)
1lb Frozen Red Bell Peppers - $5.75
1lb Frozen Hot Peppers - $5.75
Frozen Fruits (Antonio's Farm, Talent)
1 lb Strawberries - $6.00
More Items From Antonio's Farm!
8 oz Mild Red Pepper Salsa - $5.50
8 oz Med Red Pepper Salsa - $5.50
8 oz Hot Red Pepper Salsa - $5.50
Cheeses (Oak Leaf Creamery)
4 oz Billy Goat Blue - $5.75
4 oz Holy Goat (swiss) - $5.75
4 oz Manzanita (Jack) - $5.75
American Ruralcraft (Sauces)
8 oz Jar Ruby's Red Sauce - $6.00
Higher Living (More Great Product Coming Soon)
1/2 lb Raw, Sprouted Granola - $5.00
Teas, etc. (Uber Herbal)
Mulling Spices - $4.00
Specific Instructions
* The items in these lists are our best estimate of what will be available each Friday.  However, it is sometimes the case that one or more items becomes unavailable due to weather or other variables.  We appreciate your understanding.
How To Customize Your Bag
If you are signed up for our standard CSA delivery, you can see what we will deliver by viewing the list under the heading, "Regular CSA Delivery."
To customize your order, simply select the items you would like in your delivery from any of the lists under the heading, ALL AVAILABLE ITEMS.  Do your best to make sure the total value is approximately $20.   
If you would like double the amount of an item (or half the amount of an item), please provide that additional information in the "Specific Instructions" box at the bottom of the form.  Please leave any other requests or specifications in this box as well.
We will take the information you submit, and put your bag together according to your specifications, meeting the minimum $20 value of each bag.
Remember, we aim to please, so feel free to request anything you wish, and we will do our best to satisfy.
Individual Spending Account
With an individual spending account, simply select the items you would like each week from the items on the list under the heading, ALL AVAILABLE ITEMS.  We ask that you make a minimum purchase of $10 on the weeks you place an order.  There is no requirement that you make a purchase every week.
Use the "Specific Instructions" box to indicate the exact amount of an item you would like if it is different from the amount we have listed.  
We will deduct the amount you spend each week from your account balance, and send you an email each week with your updated balance.
Please let us know if there is any way we can make our service more convenient for you.
Thank you!

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